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Rhonda Luttkus

I was so blessed to have had the pleasure of having Dr. Ruslana enter my life.  She is a true angel sent to help me and others.  In addition to enjoying thoroughly all of the forms of treatment, I feel so much better mentally and physically. My favorites are the shake machine and the Megan bed. I love her and feel that she is part of my family.

Dr Grace G

I am sure when you ask your Dr. About supplements orNatural Medicine, you are not met with much enthusiasm. Most Drs have no training in this area of health care. Most Medical professionals prescribe these “one fits all” diets and health programs. Every human being is an individual, if they started to test for deficiencies, if they would begin to study nutritional healing, if they started to learn about what deficiencies need which nutrients, they would then, and only then, get people truly healthy.
Dr. Ruslana Borysenko at Detox Spa Port Charlotte is just the kind of Dr who is very knowledgeable and has extensive experience in natural medicine and healing people with natural sources. She is adamant about finding the best quality and affordable so everyone can afford what they need. I have been going for over a month now am amazed at the improvement in my overall health. If you have a chance to come to Port Charlotte FL and visit her, I strongly recommend you do. Improve the quality of your health, don’t wait till you get hopeless when conventional medicine fails you once again. Make the first step. Call and visit asap.

Dina Modesto

After only two months at Detox Spa my overall health has improved dramatically. My arthritis pain is virtually gone. I have gone off all traditional medications and feel amazing! The footbaths have relieved my foot pain and I can finally wear high heels again. I even toned and lost weight without trying. Dr. Ruslana is extremely knowledgeable. She informs you every step of the way on the whys and whats of your treatment plan. But the most truly fantastic benefit is the new lifestyle I have acquired.
I have no cravings and no need to even think diet. I just don’t desire the ‘bad’ foods anymore. When I am hungry I instinctively think of squash, beets, and all the other yummy fresh veggies I’ve been learning to cook. And the Detox family makes taking care of your health fun. The passion is contagious and the shared love is genuine. Detox Spa has given me a new exciting, healthy, and friend filled life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.Thanks Dr. Ruslana, Walter, and detox family!

Susan Whitworth

Detox Spa is THE place to regain your health & vitality. All the services are suited to return you to wellness. Remember, you have to take the first step to start your wellness journey. Almost two years ago, I was very ill after having my mercury fillings extracted. I have been blessed to have a great wellness coach, Dr Ruslana Borysenko, who has guided me through detox and the loss of 83lbs. I am blessed to have achieved my wellness goal.

Vonna Waeckerle

Detox Spa services has made a positive difference in my life over the last two plus years. My  mental and physical well being have continued to improve. Also,  doTERRA oils have contributed to my health. If you live in SW Florida, please visit. Be sure to mention my name. I am confident you will benefit from your visit

George B. Perraut

Some of the major changes of my health since coming to the spa. My shooting pain in my right ear and below have stopped. My pain in my left leg have stopped. I have lost about 20-25 pounds. I feel better and healthier than before. I am age 88 and the only survivor if 6 children.  08.25.14.

Valerie Shipman  

The detox program has helped out with my energy level along with my RA symptoms tremendously. I am able move around much easier. I feel so much more relaxed and I am able to sleep through the night compared to before!!!!   09/03/2014

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