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About Us A big warm welcome to all who are visiting our website, my name is Walter Borysenko and my wife’s name is Dr. Ruslana Borysenko. We are the proud and happy owners of the Detox Spa. Dr. Ruslana is a Medical Doctor who has elected not to practice traditional medicine and I have been a Entrepreneur most of my adult life, who developed a health challenge that I was able to resolve through a Lifestyle change, and Supplementation. Now I am a certified Detox Specialist and Author.

In our daily lives, we are being exposed (bombarded) by various toxins, which all have a negative affect on our well being. In our Detox Spa we will share our knowledge and educate you how to eliminate those harmful toxins and restore the cellular health of your body. We also have various modalities to expedite this process. “take your time reading and watching the video on each modality”

About Us

Simply put – we get rid of the junk in your body so you can feel better.

Doing this we’ve accomplished our two primary goals. We’ve improved your health and earned your trust.
We believe in the power of our services and products and we want you to experience their amazing results. Your improved wellbeing, newfound joy, and total satisfaction is the best possible way to reach others.

Be good to your body, visit the Detox Spa, call for an appointment 941 391 6616

About Us

About Us

Servicing All Of:

  • Arcadia
  • Englewood
  • Punta Gorda
  • Fort Myers
  • Port Charlotte
  • Venice
  • North Port

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"good health is above wealth"


  • 2726 F Tamiami Trail
  • Port Charlotte, FL. 33952
  • tel. 941 391 6616
  • Hours of operation: MON–FRI, 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
  • Questions with any of the above, call Detox Spa 941-391-6616